Sunday, October 13, 2013

Adventures with AMQP - Day 1

Day 1 - The beginning

A conversation at Luna

I was having a coffee and chatting at 'Cafe Luna' with Simon, one of my work friends. The conversation turned to talking about how to write a modern scalable application where everything is
modularised appropriately.  Perhaps there are many ways to write a scalable applications but we were discussing what would the advantages of using message queues? could we make the application modular? can we use open standards so that the application can integrate with other possibly 3rd party tools? will the code be easy? or would it be easier to write a monolithic application?


AMQP is an open standard messaging protocol and there are many implementations.  Of all the implementations I have chosen to start experimenting with RabbitMQ simply because I recently bought the book Rabbit MQ in Action and read a couple of chapters.

Now it is time to put it into practice.

Installing and Running RabbitMQ

For development purposes this was relatively painless, however I did have to update Mac OS X and XCode then simply execute 'brew install rabbitmq'.
Once it is installed, just add '/usr/local/sbin' to your path and run 'rabbitmq-server'.

Choosing a programming language

The RabbitMQ tutorials give you a choice of Java, Python, PHP and Ruby. Of theses, Python is my preferred options so I will start off running the tutorials with Python. Once I am more comfortable with AMQP, I will start defining the application and maybe move to Scala or Clojure.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can't Install pkg's on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

I upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard arecently ago and it all seemed to have gone smoothly. Every thing was fine until today, when I decided to install the iphone SDK for 10.6.

When trying to install the SDK from the pkg, I realised that when I pressed the 'install' button nothing was happening. My first thought was, hey it's a big download (> 1GB) it might be corrupt, but I was unsuccessful in install other programs too.

The second idea was to update to 10.6.1, however the updater didn't do anything when I pressed the 'install and restart' button. It looked like box which asks for the user password was either not been invoked or was having problems initialising.

It was Google time, a quick Google search landed me on a forum which suggested to delete the folder ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost
This didn't seem to work or to break anything, but its always a good idea to back up any system folder before you delete it.

Another person in the same forum suggested running an update from the terminal by running:
sudo softwareupdate -i -a
This did the trick and I was able to install the iphone SDK :-)

Ubuntu 9.10 coming soon!

Ubuntu 9.10 is coming soon!! This is exciting!! What new features will we find in this version? Will it be time for me to bootcamp my mac?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix

So I own a Eee 900 and I haven't being using it for a while, mainly because I couldn't find the right OS to run on it. I didn't like the Xandros Linux it came preinstalled with so I had tried several Linux distros including Mandriva, Ubuntu 8.10 Xubuntu 8.10 and Easy Peasy (Basically Ubutu netbook remix) but with all of them I had slight driver issues, usually the camera and/or wireless. I didn't mind about the camera but it was very annoying that the wireless wouldn't work all the time so my Eee had been neglected for a few months.

Come Thursday and Ubuntu 9.04 is finally released. Ubuntu already launch an official img for Netbook Remix which I get from my friend Tris who downloaded from the superfast Internet connection at Uni. I of course had been working all week on a SPIN model checker assignment so didn't have time to install 9.04 NBR on the Eee, however Thursday night I was up all night working on the assignment and decided to procrastinate for a bit and install Ubuntu on the Eee. The Installation was fast with no problems in half an hour or less Ubuntu NBR 9.04 was installed and both the wireless and camera were working great. The interface of 9.04 NBR is very similar to Easy Peasy so nothing new there but I think the boot times are faster and the machine responds better.

To top up I installed hide menubar plugin for firefox, removed all other toolbars from firefox and installed Gnome-Do which I think is an essential application for everyone. So at the moment I'm happy with my Eee and even though I am not posting this blog from it and will not replace my mac book as my main computer, I am sure that it will see the light of day more often :-)

Have a nice day

Blog Zero - What to Blog about?

I've had my blogger account set up for almost a month now and still haven't blogged!
The reason for this is simply that I have no idea what to blog about and I have been caught up doing assignments. I had two deadlines for this past week, an Aspect J and Promela/Spin assignment. Both assignments were quite tough, especially the latter which had me up all night Thursday.

As some of you may have gathered from the above, I study something to do with computers. Software Engineering MSc at Southampton University to be exact, so most of my blog posts will most likely be about the Software or any computer related stuff, however I will also blog on other things I like such as movies or interesting things I see or do :-) I surely hope to keep friends and other people I may or may not know entertained.

Have a good day